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"Learn How To Tie Five Different Necktie Knots In Just 15 Minutes Or Less - Guaranteed!"

With the How-To-Tie-a-Necktie-Knot VIDEO!

You Can Tie A Necktie Like A Pro - Or Your Money Back!
Get The Tie Video For Yourself Or As A Gift For Someone You Care About!

"Does your Husband, or Boyfriend stand in front of a mirror hopelessly trying to tie a tie over and over again, or if you're a man who's tired of tying the same necktie, over and over? If so, then The Tie Video can help. Here's why..."

As anyone who's been there; asking someone to teach you how to "tie your tie" is an embarrassing experience -- not to mention a real pain in the you know what!

Worse yet, these helpful folks mean well but when they're finished you're tie's likely look like someone else tied your tie for you - poorly (which is a direct reflection on you!)

"Tying A Tie Doesn't Have To Be A Frustrating Experience Anymore!"

The truth is most men only know how to tie a tie using the so-called, "Simple Knot." It's the knot their Dads taught them when they were a kid. But only using one tie knot gets boring and won't do anything for your professional image. So what are you supposed to do?

Here's the answer: It's called The Tie Video and it can teach anyone how to correctly tie five of today's hottest fashion knots using fun, easy to follow step-by-step video instruction & animated graphics in just about 15 minutes!



The Tie Video Makes It Easy Because It...

      1. Walks you step-by-step through today's exciting Knot styles; the Windsor, the Four In Hand Hand, The Half Windsor, The Shelby and even the Bow Tie. Now you'll never be stuck wearing the same knot day in and day out.
      2. Ends the frustrationof trying to tie a tie over and over. Each necktie knot styles demonstrated both in live action and animation making the tie video simple to follow and easy to master!
      3. Stops the embarrassment of not knowing how to tie a tie so you'll never have to ask for help tying your tie again.
      4. Learn in the privacy of your own home The Tie Video comes on VHS or Video CD so you can watch it over and over anytime you want.
      5. Gives you confidence. After all, when you look your best you feel better about yourself, project a new confidence and feel more self assured.
      6. Demonstrates how to tie a tie with computer animation.
        A STATIC picture just can't teach you as fast or as completely as an "Actual LIVE Demonstration". How many times have you said "Show me how to do it"?
      7. Backed by our money back guarantee. You may be thinking "I can't learn anything from a video", but we know you can.

Thousands of others already have! They learned how to tie a tie, did it, and so can you!



How To Tie a Necktie VIDEO!

VHS: $14.97 - or - DVD: $16.97

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What will I learn on the Tie Video?

The Tie Video features expert instruction teaching you the following necktie knot styles:

    1. The Windsor Knot
    2. The Half Windsor Knot
    3. The Four In Hand Knot
    4. The Shelby (Pratt) Knot
    5. The Bow Tie

5 Reasons We Know The Tie Video Is Guaranteed To Work For You:

Reason 1: The Tie Video is professionally produced by the educational video specialists at VideoSolutions.TV. They've produced instructional, training and entertainment videos for School Districts throughout the US; Law Enforcement Agencies, ESPN, FoxSports, and even Microsoft! These guys practically invented "instructional video! "

Reason 2: No matter how frustrated you used to get when trying to tie your neck tie, the Tie Video will give you the skills to tie 5 different knots that will make you "stand out" in a crowd, at that job interview and at the office.

Reason 3: The Tie Video uses fun & easy to follow step-by-step live action, AND animated graphic instruction to ensure that you can follow each step and learn each tie know easily.

Reason 4: The Tie Video gives you the edge you need to stand out and make the best impression, and makes you feel better about yourself.

Reason 5: The Tie Video teaches you the skills you'll use for a lifetime and maybe even pass on to your son someday.


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The professional & confident image you'll project after mastering not just one, but FIVE different necktie knots will go a long way toward helping you:

  1. get that first job or a better job.getting a raise.
  2. climb the corporate ladder.
  3. get a promotion and make more money.
  4. In fact, compared to the time you'll save in front of the mirror, the new found confidence you'll gain and the improved impression you'll make, The Tie Video could very well be one of the BEST investments you'll ever make or one of the best gifts you'll ever send!


How To Tie a Necktie VIDEO!

VHS: $14.97 - or - DVD: $16.97

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Act Immediately And You'll Also Receive This Free Shipping:

Since we know it's 100% in your benefit to act right now, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to order today! So if you respond immediately, we'll even pay your shipping and handing charges!

You Can't Lose With Our 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

When you order The Tie Video your total satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with this video, just let us know, send the product back within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

In fact, don't decide now if this video is for you. Just go a head and click here and you'll see for yourself how much time & frustration this video will save you.

If it doesn't do everything we say and more, if it doesn't teach you the skills you need, if it isn't life-changing, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under our no-loopholes guarantee.


In Summery Here's What You'll Get When You Order The Tie Video:

You'll learn how to correctly tie five knots and tie a tie in just minutes - You'll look more professional and have more confidence.

The Tie Video features 5 of today's hottest knot styles - So you'll never be stuck wearing the same knot day in and day out.

Step-by-step instructions and animation graphics walk you through each lesson - making this video simple to follow and easy to master!

The Tie Video is available on VHS or DVD - so you can watch it over and over anytime you want, reviewing any knot style you want to learn first.

Learn in the privacy of your own home - You'll never have to embarrass yourself asking for help with your tie again The Tie Video is the simple to use, fun to watch solution to your fashion problems.


To place your order now, just click the order button below.

Select the number of video's you wish to order, (select VHS or DVD) enter your payment details and we'll ship you your Tie Video the same day!


How To Tie a Necktie VIDEO!

VHS: $14.97 - or - DVD: $16.97

[ Choose quantities and type in CART. ]


P.S. We must limit our offer of free shipping to only the first 200 orders in order to keep our costs down. So hurry and order yours today and feel more confident, make a better impression and move your career head today!"


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